Will We See A Drone Game In VR?
Will We See A Drone Game In VR?

The idea of a drone racing virtual reality video game is almost a brain teaser of sorts. This is basically because drone racing is already a video game-like activity that we’ve turned into a reality, and to think of it as a video game almost feels like reverse engineering. Nonetheless, when you think about some of the factors at play, as well as the evolution of VR gaming in general, it seems like a possibility, and even sounds kind of exciting.

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VR Viewing

From the beginning, the very idea at the heart of virtual reality as any kind of commercial venture or spectator activity has been based on its link to virtual reality. This is something you’re likely well aware of if you follow the Drone Racing League or have read about it. But even back in the beginning, the idea of a “robot’s-eye view in VR” was discussed – before VR was even on store shelves, in fact. An article at Wired proclaimed that you could just plug in a feed and be in the cockpit of the drone as a spectator. This is why the idea of turning drones into a video game feels almost like reverse engineering. Even in the early going, its connection to virtual reality was real, and now it’s the chance to view races from the drone’s own perspective that makes drone racing possible for pilots and enjoyable for spectators. Still, the point here is that there is an establ
ished link between the two technologies, and this will almost definitely be taken advantage of.

Unconventional VR Gaming

If you’re up-to-date on drone racing but less so on virtual reality gaming, it’s important to point out that VR gaming might be quite different from what you envision. The main focus is indeed on some fairly ordinary video games, such as Fallout, Skyrim, and various racing franchises that have been re-tooled to work in virtual reality. But VR has also branched out substantially to different branches of gaming, so to speak. Back in 2016, VR sections were launched at online casino arcades. This brought VR into the conversation for a very busy business of slot and card playing simulations outside of more mainstream gaming. Throughout 2017, we started hearing about different contraptions and machines working with VR to facilitate better physical interaction. This is leading in turn to the emergence of public arcades for VR gaming. These are just a few of the innovations, but they certainly make it clear th
at the VR gaming industry has room in it for more unconventional ideas – such as games based on the growing phenomenon of drone racing.

Possible Gaming Avenues

Given the existing connection between drones and virtual reality, as well as the inclusive nature of VR gaming in embracing new concept, there would seem to be multiple avenues for VR drone gaming that are not only possible, but likely. One would be to place you, as the gamer, in an environment in which you can see a drone racing course laid out before you and pilot from a standstill. More interesting, though, is the chance to race from the same cockpit perspective pilots use. Drone racing has been compared to pod racing from Star Wars, and this is what really thrills people – the idea of being in a small vehicle of sorts, zipping around at high speeds and with maximum maneuverability. So what we’re really anticipating here is a VR game that allows you to have this experience without actually having a physical drone or being at a racing area. Such a game would likely allow you to enjoy all kinds of
different courses and competitions, and allow you to enjoy an incredibly exhilarating piloting experience very much like the real thing.

Right now this is hypothetical, but the technology is in place, the link is there, and VR gaming is only going to keep expanding. Ultimately, this sort of game seems inevitable.