Watch: Drone crashes into stands during Padres-Diamondbacks game

Behold the perils of attending a sporting event in the 21st century: One moment, you’re in your seat enjoying a leisurely baseball game, and the next, a battery-powered piece of plastic with a bunch of rotors on it is slamming into you out of nowhere.

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That was the case at Sunday’s Padres-Diamondbacks game in San Diego, when a small drone—a GoPro Karma Quadcopter, to be precise—crashed into the Petco Park stands between innings. See for yourself, courtesy the good folks at Fox Sports Arizona:

Where the drone came from or why it invaded the game is unknown, but shouts to the guy who takes the full impact of the drone and its rotors and barely even notices it. That man has some thick skin.

But while no one was hurt, the Padres apparently were none too pleased by the flyby.