The best spots to fly your remote controlled drone

Just when we thought we’d got all we could out of technology, remote controlled drones were invented. Although drones have been used in military and government situations since the early 2000s, it is only more recently that they’ve been sold and used recreationally by the general public says There is so much fun to be had with a drone – you can race them, use them to take birds-eye photos and videos, or simply enjoy flying them around for the fun of it.

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If you have recently bought a drone, it’s worth keeping in mind the legal restrictions when it comes to the areas you can fly it in. That’s not to say you’re limited at all, though; there are still many locations where you can legally make the most out of drone flying. Below you can find some of the best spots to fly your remote controlled drone across the world.

The desert

If you’re looking for a place where you can have free reign over your drone flying without any restrictions, the desert is the place for you. The vast, open emptiness makes an ideal spot for drone racing, and your chances of disturbing anyone from your flying are very low.

The countryside

Like the desert, the countryside offers plenty of opportunity for days of drone exploration. There’s plenty of space to cover, and most likely, if you find a remote enough location, you won’t spot a person for miles. Make sure you’re not trespassing on private land, though, and always check beforehand if you’re unsure.

The beach

There is no more stunning a location to fly your drone than the beach. If you visit a beach out of the summer season, or stop by at a remote location, you’ll likely have the place to yourself, making an ideal situation for capturing beautiful photos unhindered.

The mountains

Sometimes, a literal change in perspective can show you the true beauty of a place, and that’s certainly the case in the mountains. Capturing a birds-eye view of the breath-taking scenery is usually legal – it’s worth confirming your area first – and absolutely worth it. Just be sure to check that you’re not taking your drone too high, or it may experience problems with the altitude.

The ocean

If you can find a location with clear seas, drone flying is a fantastic way to capture some cool images and videos of the marine life in action, giving you a sneak-peek into an entire environment that you would otherwise be ignorant to. Be aware, though – you don’t want to disturb the wildlife, so be careful not to get too close.

A little reminder…

If you’re new to drone laws, and you’re not sure where you can and can’t fly, it’s worth checking online to be sure. US citizens can check out this article written by Sky High Hobby for a list of the locations where drone flying is legal and illegal, which you should find to be pretty informative. It’s also best to go by the general rules: stay a minimum distance of 150 metres from people, a maximum altitude of 200 metres, and make sure you carry a valid drone licence.