RAPERE – anti-drone interceptor

Anti-drone Interceptor


Having worked in the UAS industry for years, we’ve collectively never come across any bogus use of drones. However it’s inevitable that will happen, and for people such as celebrities, where there is profit to be made in illegally invading their privacy, there should be an option to thwart it.

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How is it used?

It sits permanently on it’s charging base, indoors, until ready to deploy. Simply take it outside, put it on the ground, and press the GO button. The Rapere will take off, while at the same time scanning the sky for drones. It can tell the difference between a bird and a drone, and will fly over top of any drone within range, then disable it.

After the target drone is disabled, it will return to base and land, where you can add a new tangle-line for a second flight.

How does it work?

Lots of (12) high framerate (90 fps) moderately low res cameras (VGA) pointing in every direction, with structure from motion being used to guide the drone to it’s target – hovering above the free floating target drone. Fortunately for us detecting a free floating object which is well illuminated and far from any other visible object is easy. We can burn lots of watts on the onboard computer, because of the short flight time. This is difficult on normal UAS.

How can I see it work without destroying another drone?

By taking off the tangle-line, and launching it. It will hover over the target drone until it hits a time limit, or you press the mission-abort button. With no tangle, it will just hover above the target without any damage, so you can fly another toy drone to test it out.

Is it legal?

That depends on how you plan to use it, and where you live. The Rapere itself is legal

When will it be available?

Not sure. We are in talks about mass production, while continuing to develop the product. This also depends on the volume of interest, so please sign up to our mailing list and boost the numbers!

How much will it cost?

It won’t be cheap like a DJI type drone. It will be priced as a professional tool – we don’t want this to become a toy people can use to disrupt legitimate drone use.

How will you stop people abusing this?

We don’t know yet. We have a number of ideas, such as requiring disclosure of ownership with the local police department before we will ship the drone. Let us know in the comments if you have any good ideas, it’s definitely a concern for us.

Will anybody by able to buy one of these

Buyers will need to be qualified. We’re not sure exactly yet, but we will require some sort of proof of legitimate use, such as public safety officials, event organizers, private security firms, etc.

What type of drones can it intercept?

Any ‘rotary wing’ like a quadcopter. It isn’t fast enough to catch circling fixed wing drones, yet. We designed it primarily to intercept the type of drones used by paparazzi or voyeurs flying over private residence.

Can the target drone evade interception?

We’ve been having great fun trying, but the answer is ‘not really’. Because of the intentionally designed short flight time (2 mins, vs a normal drone 15 minutes) we can drain the batteries much faster, and have a much higher power to weight ratio. With a flight time of 2 minutes, this is the best performing drone we can imagine from a flight performance point of view. It’s even hard to see it once it’s a few hundred feet up because it’s so fast.

Who are the people behind this?

We are commercial drone developers who teamed up with some computer vision experts to enable the device to ‘see’ and fly itself. Right now we are flying under the radar for commercial reasons, but all will be revealed in time.