This Racing Drone Captures Trail Riding At Full Speed

Incredible piloting all around in this video

Drones and action cameras have come a long way in the past half decade, but most of their development has focused on creating more cinematic videography. While some brands have begun to work on drones that can follow you via a transponder, those drones are limited to pretty slow speeds and their footage isn’t particularly special (outside of not needing someone to fly the thing).

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On the other hand, people have also started racing drones as a means to blend video game/simulation racing and actually physically piloting a thing. I know, I don’t really get it either, but to each their own.

For some reason, no one has combined the two…at least until now. From what I can tell, the guys who made the video are drone racing enthusiasts. They paired with off-road rider Cole Reynolds more as an experiment, and the results are pretty incredible.

The video itself is pretty crude. This isn’t a Red Bull production and the moving footage can be pretty shaky or hard to see, while the static footage is pretty standard. But. BUT. The possibilities this creates, well those are just fantastic.

You can see in the video once where the drone collides with Reynolds, and again when it seems to have issues flying through dirt he’s kicked up. But between those little mishaps are some seriously epic shots that suddenly have us wanting to go out and buy a drone.

Below is a video full of bloopers from their filming, which includes some more really neat shots and shows you a little more how this was filmed. Click play to check it out!