3D Printed wing-fixed drone
3D Printed wing-fixed drone

A modular drone platform that grows with your aerial imaging needs

3D printing enables us to create a highly scalable and customisable platform. Captor the 3D printed drone is designed to adapt to the way you work. Built to carry most modern sensors, it is ideal for crop scouting, site surveying, monitoring privately or for business.

3D Printed wing-fixed drone
3D Printed wing-fixed drone

3D printed airframe

4-part airframe that is easy to assemble and disassemble.
STL files supplied with system.

Exchangeable sensors

Now you can change payload in seconds with standardised payload cartridges. System supplied with a Sony WX350 18MP camera and cartridge. Additional & different sensor cartridges available upon request.3D Printed wing-fixed drone

Plan & Control

Automatic flight planning and mission control with the fully featured ground staton software.
System supplied with UgCS ONE.3D Printed wing-fixed drone

No more work disruptions

With any other system out there, you need to buy spares.

Not with Captor. Each system comes with all necessary STL files so you can reprint all parts when you need. Reprint through O’Qualia, a printer of your choice or a local 3D printing service provider.3D Printed wing-fixed drone

3D Printed wing-fixed droneFrequent flyer? No problem

Slide-&-Click battery bricks make those frequent flights a breeze. System includes 2 battery bricks and a heavy-duty charger.
You can request for more bricks if you need.

Technical Specifications

3D Printed wing-fixed drone specs
3D Printed wing-fixed drone specs

Empty Weight: 600 grams (24.7 ounces)
Max. Takeoff Weight: 2200 grams (77.6 ounces)
Max. Payload Weight: 500 grams (18.7 ounces)


Maximum flight time
Cruise speed
Radio link range
Maximum coverage (single flight)
Wind resistance
Ground sampling distance (GSD)
3D model accuracy
Horizontal / vertical accuracy
Linear landing accuracy
Automatic flight planning
km/h (18 m/s or 35 kts)
km (2.48 mi)
km.sq (5.4 mi.sq) at 500m (1640 ft) AGL
km/h (12.5 m/s or 24.3 kts)
cm/pixel (0.63 in/pixel)
m (3.3-6.6 ft)
m (32.8 ft)



Airframe: ABS thermoplastics
Battery Brick™ body: Molded Polycarbonate
Payload cartridge: ABS thermoplastics 135 x 90 x 45 mm (5.3 x 3.5 x 1.8 in)
Propeller: Carbon composite

In the air:

Flight controller: PX4 Flight Stack (Pixhawk)
GPS: uBlox NEO-7 and HMC5883L digital compass
Airspeed sensor: I2C digital airspeed sensor
Motor: 480kv, 830W brushless outrunner
Propeller: 12×8 in Cam Carbon
Battery: 6S4500mAh, 99.9Wh lithium-polymer battery
Payload: Sony WX350 18.2MP

On the ground:

LiPo Charger: Cellpro PowerLab 6 with EC5 input cable, 1000W Multichemistry Battery Workstation


Flight planning and control: UgCS ONE
Image processing (optional): Agisoft Photoscan