Nominees for the First-Ever Drone Film Festival

When they’re not involved in booze-induced national security kerfuffles, drones can be pretty great for filming majestic aerial footage.

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This is something that the first annual New York City Drone Film Festival plans to highlight this March, when it will showcase the work of the world’s fledgling drone cinematographer community. On Wednesday, it announced all 35 finalists for the competition, which includes categories that range from Dronie to X-Factor. In the spirit of improving drones’ increasingly unpopular image, we’ve collected all the ones we could find online.


Tiny Boston
Federico Creatini

Mont Saint-Michel, France

Mike Gisselere

Graffiti City
Isabelle Vallee

The Fallout
Jeffrey Brink


Our Drone Future
Alex Cornell

Superman With a GoPro
Corridor Digital

Himalayan Aerials
Jonathan Miller


Columbia River Gorge
Dirk Dallas

Spooning in the Spoon
Michael Welsh

Our NYC drone film festival “dronie” submission. Spooning on the spoonbridge. Song… Underdog by spoon

A video posted by Mike Welsh (@skycandystudios) on

Capitaine Citron

FPV – Balinese
Justin Welander

Opening Sequence for a Feature Film
Ben Tewaag

Soothing Madness
Carlos Puertolas

MMMMMMM/Santa Monica Airlines
Robert McIntosh


Cathedral Cove, Coromandel, New Zealand
Brendon Dixon

Above and Below Galapagos
Michael Kugler

Koh Yao Noi
Philip Bloom


Effektfabriken Aerials
Per Von Koch

Cinedrones Are Awesome
Daniell Ashby

Skynamic Reel
Julian Glockner


Pipeline Winter
Eric Sterman

DJI Phantom Flies Into Volcano
Shaun O’Callaghan

The Ridge
Danny Macaskill Cut Media Stu Thomson

Won’t Let You Down

The New York City Drone Film Festival will be held on Saturday, March 7, at the Directors Guild of America Theater. To see the full list of nominations, check out the festival’s website.