A drone captured video of an enormous shark in the waters off Capistrano Beach Monday. The video shows the large shark making its way through the waters at a distance off the beach. The shark was estimated to be about 10 to 12 feet long, and its markings resembled those of a great white. According to the ABC7 Eyewitness who filmed the video, this was one of several sharks spotted in the area Monday.

This wouldn’t be the first great white spotted near a popular Southern California beach in the past week. A woman was attacked over the weekend at San Onofre Beach by what officials say was likely a great white while she was wading in the ocean.

The shark bit 36-year-old Leeanne Ericson’s leg, causing a potentially life-threatening injury. “All of the back of her leg was kind of missing,” a witness to the attack said. “It was to the bone. It was bad. It was just as bad as you could imagine.”

Ericson was transported to the hospital and treated for the injury. The single mother of three has to undergo several surgeries, according to a GoFundMe page set up to help pay her expenses.

San Onofre Beach was closed after the incident and is expected to remain off-limits to the public until Wednesday.

No closures have been reported at Capistrano Beach due to the shark sighting.