Gobe has created a drone that offers professional quality cinematographic footage, along with features like 4K resolution camera, GPS, several flight modes, Li-Ion battery cells (the same as Tesla uses and extremely rare in this price range) for a longer flight time and life battery, high quality material such as carbon fiber and the ability to connect with VR goggles. As the drone market continues to grow we are targeting the trendsetting demographic to position the drone as something cool, something to be proud of, not some geeky nest of wires zip tied together. Using high quality components such a carbon fiber propellers, auto-stabilization, anti-collision sensors, they’re a dream to use from extreme sports to travel videos providing the best memories with fresh prospective.

The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

As a start-up company without the budget of a multinational business, Gobe has produced a drone with high end features, and the perfect size to create the ideal travel mate for capturing your daily life and adventures. Gobe Drone provides all of this, while being able to offer at a fraction a price of other drones with similar features.