Drone Analyst

Among the many insights we got from the research, these two are worth highlighting:

  • Most drones costing more than $2,000 are purchased for professional use.
  • DJI’s overall market share in North America is about 50 percent—not 70 percent as popularly described.

Part of the study was an online survey.  That survey was promoted by media partner sUAS News. It garnered responses from 783 drone buyers, so the results have a confidence level of 95% for a population of five million.

MW-EP231_ifly03_20160613184006_NSThe survey found that the majority (52 percent) of people who purchase drones (at all price points) do so for photo and video taking—either for hobby or for commercial purposes.  But drilling down, our analysis found that 75 percent of drones costing more than $2,000 are bought for professional use. This includes operations for public entities (such as federal and local governments, police departments, universities, etc.) and civil operations (which includes commercial and private industry operators).

The survey also found that across all brands and all price points, DJI’s share of the North American market is 50.1 percent.  The devil, of course, is in the detail.  As you look at detailed price points, DJI’s share is both higher and lower.  For example, we found that in the $1,000 to $7,499 price range, DJI’s share is about 67 percent, but under $1,000, it’s only about 21 percent.