How To Film Real Estate Videos With Your Drone

How to use drone for real estate filming

Drones are becoming great tools for filming real estate properties.  Here are few tips on how to accomplish that. The best time to film is in the morning or in the evening when sun is lower in the sky.  The sun should be facing the face of the house.  If the house is facing the east then film in the morning. If the house is facing the west then shoot in the evening. Calibrate your compass before you fly. Do a test flight low to the ground and make sure everything is working properly. Do not fly over neighbors’ property, people and kids.

List of the best aerial shots:

1. Forward Flight – The establishing shot. Any shot that establishes the house or the location. Low to the ground, toward the house, going over the top.

2. Bird’s Eye View – A shot where you go above the house, tilt all the way straight down and do a slight pan. This shot gives you a nice look at the property lines and the house from above.

3. Bird’s Eye View with a Twist – This is a shot where you look straight down and raise the drone super high (within the FAA prescribed limits) and while you’re going high you have the camera operator twist.

4. Establishing Pan – This is a wide shot where you can see the whole property or at least the house and do a slow pan from left to right or right to left.

5. Rise and Tilt Down – Start low and then slowly rise and do a slow tilt down to show off the whole property.

6. 180 Wrap Around – This is a shot where you start on one corner of the house and you wrap around slowly to the other side. It gives you a good shot of the house and you can see all the features close up.  It’s good sometimes to have trees in the foreground.

7. Pull Away – With this shot you can either start really close to the house or a little bit further, and do a nice, slow pull away while keeping the house in frame. Tip – tilt up as you pull back. It can be a good ending shot.

8. Wrap Around Pull Away – Start at the corner of the house and then pull back, and as you pull back, pan and yaw so that you keep the house in frame. This creates a cool effect.

9. Detail Shot – This is if there’s a stream you can fly over, or other cool features. You can fly low between trees, etc.

10. Over Rooftop – This shot might not work on all houses. If there’s a nice vista behind or in front of the house it will work well. This also can serve as a good ending shot as well. You can fly over the house into the sunset.