HK$300,000 drone-killer ‘guns’ available in Hong Kong

Institutions and government departments looking to beef up security against unauthorised drones will soon be able to purchase an anti-drone “gun” to take down the flying devices.
DataExpert Technology, an information security company based in Hong Kong, claims to be the first firm to distribute the HK$300,000 anti-drone gear in the city.

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The hand held device is able to counter remote control frequencies of 2.4 or 5.8 gigahertz, the frequency used by about 90 per cent of drones on the market today, according to Ricky Fan, regional manager as well as digital forensics consultant for DataExpert Technology.

By aiming and pulling the trigger, signals are scrambled and the “gun” takes control of the drone, forcing it to land. If the drone is on autopilot mode, it will be directed to travel back to its starting point, Fan said.

The system has a range of about 1 kilometre, for drones flying at low altitude.

“As we note the increase in drone accidents around the world, we believe that the [anti-drone] market is taking off in Asia,” said Fan.

Potential customers are public security departments or government institutions looking to prevent unauthorised drone flight at important events or around governmental buildings, according to DataExpert Technology.

Fan said that DataExpert will also assemble a security team that can be deployed at events on a situational basis to disable unauthorised drones.

Police officers in Wuhan, a city in Hubei province, used the same anti-drone gear to disable drones during a football match in March.