More than 1,000 drone-made photographs were submitted to the first Hungarian drone photo competition. On Saturday, the jury announced the 29 best works, including the overall winner and the winner of the public vote. All of 29 photos are now on display in Budapest’s Premier Kultcafé.

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Here, then are some of the best drone images:

Bookshelf. Image: Sáfrány Levente
The winner of the public vote. Image: Ötvös Sándor
Pool. Image: Szeleczkei Patrik.
Critical Mass. Image: Domonkos Sándor.
The overall winner of the competition. Image: Böröczky Bulcsú.
The Circle of Cypress Trees Tuscany. Image: Nagy Gábor.
Image: Temesi Ádám.
Palm shade in the lagoon. Image: Istvándi Botond.
Apple trees in winter. Image: Kósa István.
Marshlands. Photo: Kovács Norbert.
Image: Sóki Tamás.
Barcelona by night. Image: Radisics Milán.
The Royal Palace in Visegrád. Image: Szolykó Dávid.
Heart pool in a drained pont. Image: Radisics Milán.
Outsider. Image: Tuli Szilárd.
Lines. Image: Csák István.
Image: Egyed Ufó Zoltán.
Children’s Railway in Hűvösvölgy (Budapest) in Winter. Image: Gábor Zoltán.
Balaton labyrinth. Image: Fényes Lóránd.
Ravine. Image: Győri Zoltán.
Aztec horse track. Image: Hedrich Zoltán.
Image: Csuhaj Lilla.
Image: Kirják József.
Fonyód by night. Image: Kajetán Jácint
Image: Orbán Péter.
Life on earth. Image: Méhes Gábor.
Galopping horses. Image: Somogyi István.
Lifepath. Photo: Tóth Dezső.