Hawkeye Innovations Inc, an Internet of Things (IoT) and smart home company, has developed Hawkeye, a fully autonomous, indoor drone security guard with an Adaptive Monitoring System (AMSTM) capable of learning the layout of a user’s home or office, in order to monitor and patrol the dwellings.

The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

Current security systems require physical installation and integration of their hardware into the existing infrastructure of a customer’s home. Hawkeye’s self-sustaining drone system is a plug and play installation process that can be easily set up to map the user’s home. Hawkeye installation is as simple as placing Hawkeye on its charging base, installing the Hawkeye Phone App, and following the simple app instructions. Hawkeye is an in-your-face theft deterrent in addition to being a highly effective and user friendly security system.

Hawkeye works by mapping out a home or office and uses the data to create appropriate and comprehensive patrol routes to maximize effective coverage. Current models are independent systems, however the end goal will be to create a modular integrative system able to coordinate multiple units for increased coverage area for warehouse and enterprise applications.

In the event of an intrusion or incident, Hawkeye will engage on multiples levels. It immediately sends a live video stream directly to the user, as well as recording the information on the cloud. Hawkeye has an integrated alarm speaker system that also allows the user to talk directly to the intruder, as well as a strobe light to potentially disorient and confuse. The user will be able to speed dial the police, via the Hawkeye App, if an intruder is detected.

If an intruder tries to attack Hawkeye, its state of the art avoidance system and high speed motors allow it to dodge attacks from any angle while continuing to monitor its target. If the person happens to be a welcomed guest, simply have them download the free app before entering the premises and they are allowed either a permanent, or time constrained password. Hawkeye can also be programmed to run scheduled patrols.

With just a simple press of a button, the user’s home or business is protected, while they are away.