Drones for Science, Exploration and Conservation

There’s a new “microsponsorship” opportunity on OpenExplorer. The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation is helping us provide 3D Robotics drones for individuals and teams who want to use drones for science, exploration and conservation.

Drones are seemingly everywhere: filling the halls of the Consumer Electronics Show, flying over farm fields, and (probably) zipping around your neighbor’s backyard. Though not as well reported, there are a number of drones being employed by explorers, scientists and conservationists. There have been a number of pioneering efforts in this area, including Shah Selbe’s SoarOcean Initiative and all the work going on at ConservationDrones.org. We’ve already seen a number of expeditions on OpenExplorer that show promise, including the Whale (Dis)Entanglement Team in northern California (details here). We’d love to see what other ideas may be waiting in the wings.

The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

In order to qualify to receive a drone for your expedition or project, you need to do three things:

1. Start an expedition on OpenExplorer
It’s easy enough (here’s the page). Post a background post on what you’re planning to explore, study, or protect, and then add at least two more posts with details on how you’re preparing. Make sure to tag your expedition in the “air” category.

2. Attract Followers
Invite your friends and supporters to follow your expedition. Also, reach out to groups who may be interested in your work, and invite them to follow along. You’ll need at least 50 Followers to qualify for a drone.

3. Attract Contributions
OpenExplorer allows you to raise money for your expedition (see Funding Curiosity). We’ve found that the most successful individuals and groups are those who are capable of asking for support and help. You’ll need to raise at least $100 to qualify for a drone (you keep the money raised, less the service fees).

We’ll be able to support (send either an Iris+ or an Aero to) the first 3 expeditions that meet these criteria. Is that you? Send an email to [email protected] with the link to your expedition.

We’re looking forward to seeing what you come up with!