Colin Jones has become passionate about capturing the beautiful region of the Camden Haven using his drone.

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Colin is retired and he said he enjoys flying the drone around local area and making small videos with the footage.

“It keeps my brain ticking over and I also get enjoyment from watching the finished product,” he said.

Colin has received positive feedback about the videos, which he often posts on to social media.

“I enjoyed making them and if people like watching them, what more satisfaction could you ask for?,” he said.

Colin stresses that a drone is not a toy.

“It is getting very popular and some people have been doing brainless things with them,” he said.

“This is a serious machine, not a toy and can do a lot of damage to a human body.

Colin encourages people to be safe and to abide by the rules and regulations.

Colin’s drone is a Phantom 3 and he has had it for two years.

“The phantom series is a very good drone for aerial photography which I enjoy,” he said.