In some places in the Valley there were no fireworks this year due to fire concerns, but in Carefree there was no lack of a spectacular show in the sky.

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The drones take off in seconds, and then the magic begins.

“All the movements and colors are designed on the computer weeks before we ever arrive on site,” said Kyle Dorosz.

Dorosz and Ryan Sigmon co-founded Firefly Drone Shows, one of only three companies of its kind approved by the FAA to put on these kinds of shows in the United States.

They put one on in Carefree.

“Very last minute. Only three days ago we got the call,” said Dorosz.

They were asked if they could still light up the sky when firework shows got canceled because of the fire danger.

And that’s exactly what they did.

Everyone watched the drones from the air during the show, but behind the scenes, they all are in six rows and take off one by one. Then after 15 minutes in the air, the drones will land in the same place just as quietly as they took off.

The pair said they can fly up to 100 drones creating any shape in the air, and the LED lights can create almost any color. Everything is coordinated and choreographed on screen.

“A lot of planning goes into place well before a show is ever tested or even launched,” said Dorosz.

The two said what started as a hobby for them just two years ago now has now become a booming business. Now they’re hoping they’re making history here in Arizona while celebrating our nation’s history this Fourth of July.

“To see people’s reactions, that’s what really makes this all worthwhile,” said Dorosz.