If you didn’t already know, Iceland has featured heavily in Game of Thrones since Season 2. Its fjords, glaciers and snowy tundras have provided fabulous backdrops for lead characters such as Jon Snow, the rest of the Night’s Watch and the Wildlings north of the wall, while some of its more verdant expanses have been showcased during the adventures of Arya Stark, the Hound and the Knights of the Vale.

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Filmed primarily in Iceland and Norway, Game of Thrones and nature porn junkies will go crazy for this truly breathtaking four-minute aerial footage captured ‘beyond the wall’.

Entitled Nord, Russian photo maestro and videographer Dmitry Bubonets spent months capturing the dramatic landscapes of the two northerly countries. From start to finish, the video features emerald green fjords, gigantic waterfalls, steaming geysers, and some of the most stunning river-webbed valleys you’ll ever set your eyes upon.