Drone FPV Racing

The main drone used in creation of this epic FPV and acrobatic drone video is the QAV250 quadcpter with Fatshark FPV headsets. Other Epic drone videos are made with multiroaters such as the DJI Phantom 2 Vision+RTF and quadcopters like the Blade Nano QX, with massive filming range. MicBergsma and have some of the best DJI pilots. Flight Test, MultirotorPilot Magazine, Gizmodo, Gizmag, and WIRED include the best sources of additional drone videos and info about such drones.

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Drone video of drone racing. The closest you will get to real Star Wars pod racing with the Qav250. DJI Phantom FPV epic range. Watch the drones come inches away from a big Crash, the best pilots flying the best drones. These clips are from the top Drone videos out there.

These videos are filmed in parking lots, woodlands and even over beautiful landscapes in Bali. This kind of sport is growing fast and will one day become one of the fastest action packed activities to do with a drone. The skill required by the pilots flying these remote control drones is extreme.