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Drone Footage Shows Aleppo Cleared of Terrorists

According to the Syrian army command, security has already been restored in the war-scarred northern city after the remaining terrorist groups left it.

Drone footage focuses on the Saint Elias Cathedral, which has been exposed to several attacks by militants. The church will hold its first Christmas ceremony in four years this coming Sunday.

Another woman, her neighbor, tried to say something but could not keep back her tears, folding her kids to her breast. The victory in Aleppo is strategic and will turn the tide of the Syrian war, which broke out in 2011.

In a recent interview with Al Watan newspaper, President Bashar Assad said that the Syrian Army taking control over Aleppo would radically change the situation across the entire country and would be a devastating blow to terrorists and their sponsors.

Meanwhile, Russian and Syrian sappers are braving the streets of Aleppo, clearing residential neighborhoods of mines and booby-traps left behind by the jihadist terrorists.