After 20 years of “normal” photography, amateur photographer and car parts salesman Michael Rasmussen decided to take his passion to new heights—using a drone.

“The world looks so different from a drone’s point of view, so I was pleasantly surprised when I first was able to photograph from that unique perspective,” Rasmussen said.

The amateur photographer, from Naestved, Denmark, is very conscious of his surroundings, careful to not disturb nature’s peace for his work. “I always take my time to get a feel of the place – listening to nature and being on the lookout for wildlife I could scare with the drone,” he said. “If something is there or something is off, I just don’t fly and come back some other day.”

Rasmussen also takes into account the weather of that day as windy conditions could affect the control over his drone. Aerial photography has changed the way he looks at photography, and it has expanded his creative process. “Checking wind speeds and the weather forecast before going is all very important when you are out there flying, and not something I have ever thought about before getting a drone,” he said.

Though using a drone has changed the way he thinks about photography, he remains passionate as ever for his work.

“I am a kid at heart, so I have so much fun flying with the drone and capturing images – it’s like Christmas Eve every time I go out and get airborne.”