Consortiq Announced As Debut Training Provider at AUVSI TOP Launch
Consortiq, together with AUVSI, is about to give unmanned aircraft systems operators in the United States a way to increase their safety and boost their standing in a burgeoning marketplace, through the new AUVSI Trusted Operator Program (TOP).

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Many people are anxious about the use of drones and business organizations also have had some concerns regarding the integration of drones into their operations. Although they save time, money, and also perform tasks that have previously put lives at risk like tower inspections, public safety and sports performance, the Federal Aviation Administration has not required more than the passing of the multiple choice Part 107 Remote Pilot test. Thanks to over 190 professional organizations and AUVSI, a new set of “demonstrated” abilities of drone flight operations are required to achieve TOP certification. TOP certification will assure both the general public and organization integrating drone operations.

Becoming a commercial drone pilot and operating a UAS is a valuable additional tool for first responders, engineers and surveyors, but from a regulatory perspective, there is little required for the commercial drone operator to demonstrate competency or proficiency in his or her operations. There are no certified training courses available to the prospective drone pilot and so far there has been no industry unification with respect to remote pilot competency training or testing programs.

“This affects the end users of drone-enabled services, as there was no clear mechanism to ensure that the customer is going to receive what they believe they are paying for,” says Tracy Lamb, AUVSI’s vice president of regulatory and safety affairs and chief pilot.

For example, “public safety agencies had no way of knowing the level of knowledge or experience of the volunteer remote pilots that offered to help in natural disaster and for search and rescue operations.”

Bryan McKernan, Senior Vice President Consortiq LLC and Training Lead for the Remote Pilot Council said “TOP is a professional unmanned systems community initiative aimed at supporting industry accepted remote pilot standards and protocols, which will result in the safe and sustainable advancement of the industry. Consortiq’s training and education is already recognised globally and this is just further demonstration of our commitment to driving forward standards and safety to help open up access to flying robots for everybody. We make it easy for organizations to put drones in the sky safely.”

Under the program, UAS operators will be able to achieve three levels of certification. Each is a series of checklists of practices, skills and competencies “that all professional remote pilots and operators should follow, no matter in what part of the world they operate,” Lamb says.