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Drone footage at Donetsk airport, Ukraine (VIDEO)

A landscape of shell holes, burnt plane carcasses, and terminals nearly razed to the ground. Drone footage has revealed the devastation at Donetsk International Airport, following months of fighting between the...

Police Seize Drone from Chinese National in Chennai, Question Him

CHENNAI: A Chinese national ran into trouble for flying a drone, apparently for fun, at Chennai’s popular Marina beach this evening. His drone was seized and he was taken to the...

DJI – Phantom Firmware update Safety feature integration

All unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) operators should abide by all regulations from such organizations as the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) and their own national airspace regulations. In order to increase...
Ebee SenseFly

Idaho company pioneers agricultural drones

A company in Idaho’s panhandle thinks its agriculture-related drone business will eventually take off before the start of the growing season despite federal regulations temporarily putting on hold its flight plan...
Russian Drone Black

Amphibious Russian Bomber Drone

Russia has unveiled its first full sized prototype of its military hovercraft drone which will be capable of landing on water. Named ‘Chirok’, meaning ‘duckling’, is operational and ready for testing,...
Drone Boning - Dronealityvideo

Drone Boning

The plan for the shooting of the video itself, was to take beautiful landscapes and just put people f*** in them. The truth is that some of the things that make drones...
DJI Inspire 1 Drone

Drone News on CES 2015 by DJI

The Future of Possible DJI’s drive for constant innovation was on full display at this year’s CES in Las Vegas. Lucky attendees got a first-hand look at four new product prototypes that...

The Super Supercapacitor Will Change The Future Of Drones

The new micro-supercapacitors are also highly bendable and twistable, making them potentially useful as energy-storage devices in flexible electronics like roll-up displays and TVs, e-paper, and even wearable electronics. The researchers...

Space Needle Aerial Drone Footage In Seattle

An amazing view of the Space Needle and the Seattle skyline. Tourists on the Space Needle are seen waving to the drone as it flies next to the landmark. As the...

Drone capture thieves during tests for Polish Railways

Polish Railways are testing drones to capture coal thieves. It's hard to believe, that they captured an actual footage of steeling during the tests, looks more like PR move, but that's...

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How to Build a DIY Drone

Droning is gaining popularity fast, and some people have developed amazing skills zipping around with those tiny machines. Yet, few ever pay thought to...
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