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Friday, September 20, 2019

High Altitude Night Flight Above NYC

This flight required extensive planning and special clearances - we were actually flying ABOVE all of the airline traffic landing at JFK, LGA and Newark airports ... This project has been...

Nixie lets you wear a selfie-taking drone

Meet the Nixie, a prototype wearable quadcopter drone equipped with a camera that you can use to capture the ultimate selfies. The Nixie, brainchild of Stanford postdoctoral researcher Christoph Kohstall, is an...

Space Needle Aerial Drone Footage In Seattle

An amazing view of the Space Needle and the Seattle skyline. Tourists on the Space Needle are seen waving to the drone as it flies next to the landmark. As the...
Drone Racingvideo

Drone FPV Racing

The main drone used in creation of this epic FPV and acrobatic drone video is the QAV250 quadcpter with Fatshark FPV headsets. Other Epic drone videos are made with multiroaters such...
Anti-drone Interceptor

RAPERE – anti-drone interceptor

Why? Having worked in the UAS industry for years, we've collectively never come across any bogus use of drones. However it's inevitable that will happen, and for people such as celebrities, where...

Drone footage at Donetsk airport, Ukraine (VIDEO)

A landscape of shell holes, burnt plane carcasses, and terminals nearly razed to the ground. Drone footage has revealed the devastation at Donetsk International Airport, following months of fighting between the...
DJI Inspire 1 Drone

Drone News on CES 2015 by DJI

The Future of Possible DJI’s drive for constant innovation was on full display at this year’s CES in Las Vegas. Lucky attendees got a first-hand look at four new product prototypes that...
Drobe FPVvideo

Cool Drone Acrobatics (VIDEO)

If you don't have time to watch the whole slip - watch the first 30 seconds and the last 30 seconds. It will make you want to watch the whole clip.
Drone Boning - Dronealityvideo

Drone Boning

The plan for the shooting of the video itself, was to take beautiful landscapes and just put people f*** in them. The truth is that some of the things that make drones...

Christopher: Hawk vs. Drone

The drone in the above video, owned by Christopher Schmidt, is just minding its business flying around the skies above Magazine Beach Park in Cambridge, Mass., when a hawk seemingly comes...

Featured News

How Is the Commercial Drone Industry Impacting the US Economy?

The innovation of technology is giving people cutting edge products at even cheaper prices. The use of drones was originally based on military applications -...
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