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New Drone Parachute Technology Saves Falling Drones

NEW ORLEANS—It’s now possible to prevent the heartbreak, wallet-ache, and risk of physical injuries when consumer drones suddenly plummet from the skies mid-flight. At the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International's...

“3DU” New Academic Sponsorship Program From 3D Robotics

The end of summer always sees students lined up outside of college bookstores, preparing for the fall semester. But at the top of this year’s class supply list might appear a...

3DR IRIS | How To Add an FPV System To Your Drone

This video shows you how to add a custom FPV System To your drone.

New AGCO Agricultural Field Mapping Drone

AGCO Corporation, a manufacturer and distributor of agricultural equipment, has announced the release of the company’s new Solo AGCO Agricultural Field Mapping Drone. Utilizing intuitive mission planning and cloud-based, high-resolution mapping software,...
3DR SOLO Drone

Installing a Feiyu Tech MINI 3D gimbal on the 3DR SOLO Drone

This is how Todd Harper went about installing a Feiyu-Tech MINI 3D Gimbal to his SOLO. He strongly emphasizes that this modification will void your 3DR SOLO Drone warranty completely and entirely. If you...

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