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Drone Footage of New Crop Circles in the UK

After nearly two weeks of inactivity, the UK crop circle scene exploded this past week with a whopping four new formations found. As chronicled by the excellent Crop Circle Connector website,...


Whether you’re riding the rail, hanging in the back, or lost in the crowd, Ultra Music Festival‘s main stage is one of the most amazing spectacles in electronic music… But, this drone,...

Incredible drone video of Wicklow

Wicklow is one of Ireland’s most beautiful counties, and this video proves it. Known as the ‘Garden of Ireland’ due to the incredible greenery which is surrounded by wild mountains and...

DJI – WRC Mexico 2017

After the low temperatures and snow in Monte Carlo and Sweden, the rally turns to Leon, in Guanajuato for WRC Mexico. THE HOT AND DUSTY MOUNTAINS OF CENTRAL MEXICO WILL PROVIDE...

Drone footage: incredible Niagara Falls

Someone Flew A Drone High Above Buffalo And Captured The Most Breathtaking Footage. This drone footage is actually taken from high above our local natural wonder in Niagara Falls, but it’s just...

VIRAL: drone vs tigers, guess who won?

A group of tigers is called an “ambush” for a reason. When these massive cats get together and decide to catch some prey, they’re simply vicious. A quadcopter learned this the...
Dragon's eye view of Game of Thrones country

Drone Over Game of Thrones country

If you didn’t already know, Iceland has featured heavily in Game of Thrones since Season 2. Its fjords, glaciers and snowy tundras have provided fabulous backdrops for lead characters such as...
A French army falconer works with a golden eagle as part of a military training for combat against drones in Mont de Marsan French Air Force base. REUTERS/Regis Duvignau

Eagle vs Drone

France says it is ready to use a squadron of four specially trained golden eagles, besides jamming or GPS blocking equipment, to neutralise drones following recent reports that Islamic State used...

The Fallout – Stunning drone footage of Chernobyl

AeroCine's Demo Reel shot in February 2014 in Cherynobyl and Pripyat, Ukraine. https://vimeo.com/115357954

Amazing Aerial Sketch of Taiwan

Taiwan has plenty of spectacular views. I took that superb view from the sky. There are more than 30 spots visited for this movie. https://youtu.be/az_R1gGqKUo

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