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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Drone goes inside Lorain County fireworks show

WELLINGTON, Ohio - We’re getting a different look at the Lorain County fireworks show thanks to a drone. The video, posted by “Drones of America” on YouTube, shows the prep work going...

Aerial Timelaps from above Kaunas City In Lithuania

This cool timeless was done by Kestutis Fedirka and is done with a drone sitting in one spot capturing the action from above.https://youtu.be/y2KaWkdEfeA

Drone footage: Ice fishing contest, Minnesota

This is what people do in Minnesota in the middle of January: Drill 30,000 holes on Gull Lake for the largest ice fishing contest in the world. While having 30,000 holes...

Valentine’s day drone

...In the romantic streets of Verona, the city of Romeo and Juliet...

Chicago From a Bird’s-Eye View in 4K

Soaring Badger Productions is a Chicago based production company dedicated to bringing you images and video that let your project soar to new heights!

AUDS: Anti-UAV system unveiled by British trio

Blighter Surveillance Systems (electronic-scanning radar target detection), Chess Dynamics (electro-optic tracking and classification) and Enterprise Control Systems (radio frequency disruption) join forces to combat growing threat of micro, mini and larger...

A drone video of a lonely mailman reveals California’s post-wildfire dystopia

The wildfires in northern California this past month have been some of the deadliest and destructive in the state’s history, burning across over 200,000 acres and killing dozens.A viral drone video...

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5 Ways Drones Bring College Campuses to New Heights

Since the first drones hit the market, it was clear that their usability covers a wide spectrum of purposes, locations, and user-groups. Although mainly...
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