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Monday, February 27, 2017

Test flight in South Africa | Parrot Bebop 2 drone

It seems that the footage was first uploaded on YouTube on December 3, 2015, by Emilie & Robin Icare under the title, “Test flight in South Africa | Parrot Bebop 2...

Drone Parkour Footage Looks Like A Video Game

These are people running around on real ground, not characters in a video game. Crazy what a certain, familiar perspective does to your feelings on some footage.The creators (it’s a collaboration...

Sacramento Weir floodgates open for first time in 11 years

In a sign of the rain's intensity, California officials for the first time in a decade opened floodgates at a weir on the Sacramento River to prevent flooding in areas of...

Watch Incredible Footage of a Drone Crashing Into Seattle’s Space Needle

The above video posted by GeekWire shows just what the headline of this story implies: a drone’s eye view of a nosedive into the Seattle Space Needle's observation tower.“It looks like...

Drone video of road building becomes viral hit

The footage captured by a drone shows the strip of road being sprayed with bitumen, then covered with gravel, in the shire of Moora, which has only 2,500 inhabitants.Shire of Moora...

Astounding Drone Footage Of Germany, Switzerland and France

Fixed wing pro pilot “Provotroll” is sharing a recap of his best shots. This is a must-see, not only for his fans of the first hour!https://vimeo.com/197856867

This Stabilised Footage Of A Drone Flying Up A Mountain Is Pure Gorgeousness

I feel like I'm watching the Paramount Pictures title sequence (you know, the one with the stars and the snowy mountain) come to life. Or the opening sequence to a huge...

Spectacular drone footage of Hamburg’s new £670m concert hall

It has taken a painstaking 16 years to construct, come in way over budget and been the cause of some properly serious Teutonic angst, but next week the transformation of Hamburg’s...

Light Painting with 100 drones

More than 100.000 people watched the successful European premiere of “DRONE 100 – Spaxels over Linz” on September 10, 2016, evening. At 7:45 PM sharp, the 100 world record drones took...

Amazing drone footage of semi-frozen lake in southern Manitoba

Drone footage of Otter Falls, Manitoba facing three lakes: Eleanor Lake, Margaret Lake, and Dorothy Lake. This is a raw video captured by DJI phantom 4 drone.https://youtu.be/fPHUGO2BoyE