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drone photography

18 Incredible Drone Photos From Around The World

Take a look below at amazing drone enthusiast photos taken all arount the world. Whether its amateur or professional photographer - these photographs are still amazing are still amazing. 1. Alberta, Canada 2. Maui,...
drone footage

An Exclusive Aerial Stock Drone Footage Marketplace

Airstoc - a UK-based stock video startup devoted exclusively to UAV, or drone, footage. Background The company’s secondary objective is to raise the quality of their content in order to increase the public’s perception of drone video. One key...
Andy Yeung photography

See Density Of Hong Kong’s High Rise Buildings From Above

Standing on the streets of Hong Kong you might not see full scale of city density, but how about a view from above ? Photographer Andy Yeung created amazing series of photography, viewing...
drones over explosions

Supporting Blasting Operations with Drones

Using drones imagery and mapping software Pix4Dmapper, the Explosives Risk Managers company supported quarries in Virginia and Ohio: accurately measuring stockpile volumes and excavated materials, measuring borehole locations, and monitoring blast sites,...

The winning photographs from the 2018 Drone Awards will make you drool

Drone photography has really taken off over the past few years, propelled in part by cheaper and more accessible technology. You can now buy a good consumer unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)...

Lofoten’s Aerial Landscapes Captured by Theo Gove-Humphries

Theo Gove-Humphries is a filmmaker who in 2014 made a life-changing decision to leave his busy city life and live as a world traveller. “Nothing is forever. I don’t believe in...

Farmers eager for drones, but most can’t fly them

Watching a flying demonstration on Maryland's Eastern Shore, the Missouri farmer envisions using an unmanned aerial vehicle to monitor the irrigation pipes on his farm — a job he now pays...
San Cristobal, Táchira, Venezuela By jacavalli

6 Astonishing Drone Photographs For Inspiring Start Of The Day

These creators, hobyists made a great job of capturing incredible photos using they're drones. Please, enjoy these amazing pictures and have a great day!

One last time over Georgia

Camera drones have transformed the world of photography by making it cheap and (relatively) safe to take aerial images. But as security and privacy fears have mounted, new laws have begun...
Elephant in Chobe National Park, Botswana

Drone Shots of Botswana’s wildlife

After more than 30 years behind the lens, award-winning wildlife photographer Paul Souders decided to let someone - or rather something - else do most of the hard work for him. The...

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