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2016 International Drone Photography Contest Winers

Travel Category 1st Prize Winner – Category Travel: Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi, Umbria, Italy by fcattuto – See Author’s profile 2nd Prize Winner – Category Travel: Cable Beach by DragonEye – See Author’s...

Stunning Aerial Images Of Russia Taken By Photographer Stanislav Zaburdaev

Stanislav Zaburdaev is a photographer living in Saint Petersburg, Russia. He takes pictures and makes videos about city he is living in and quite frankly, he made an amazing job at it. Please,...
Jure Korber and Tjasa Borsnak, a young student couple, began their exploration into aerial drone photography five years ago when the technology allowing aerial drone photos was still at its beginnings. So they decided and constructed their own aerial photography platform and named it Hexabee.

Stuning Aerial Drone Photos Taken By Jure Korber And Thasa Borsnak In Slovenia

With the technological advancements in cameras and drones, we can now get a glimpse of the world from a different perspective. And from high up above, especially with a bird’s eye...
Chile, Santiago By JACohen

Bird’s Eye View Of Beautiful Places In The World

More very interesting photos from talented drone photographers from all around the world trying to surprise us by making these incredible pictures. Let's appreciate them and take a few minutes to...
drone photography

18 Incredible Drone Photos From Around The World

Take a look below at amazing drone enthusiast photos taken all arount the world. Whether its amateur or professional photographer - these photographs are still amazing are still amazing. 1. Alberta, Canada 2. Maui,...
Johnny Miller-Millefoto

Inequality in South Africa: Shocking Drone Photos

For almost 50 years, South Africa suffers from racial suppression and segregation. While in early 90's laws were overturned, this segragation has remained soaked into the country architecture. Roads, rivers, and fields works as lines...
San Cristobal, Táchira, Venezuela By jacavalli

6 Astonishing Drone Photographs For Inspiring Start Of The Day

These creators, hobyists made a great job of capturing incredible photos using they're drones. Please, enjoy these amazing pictures and have a great day!
Noyo Harbor, Mendocino Callifornia

Inspiring And Breath Taking Aerial Photos From Around The World

Photographers and drone enthusiasts travel all around the world to capture incredible, jaw-droping pictures for us to see and allows us to admire wonders of our world.  

Beautiful Aerial Images Taken By Photographer Amos Chapple

Not a lot of time has passed, since drones came into mainstream of photography, video making and film making, allowing cinematographers, photographers and just simple hobyists to take advantage of them...

Stephane Couture Aerial Photohraphy

Everyone of us wants to make that perfect, one in a lifetime photograph, but Stephane Couture, a well known photographer makes them every single time.  From a very young age, Stephane...

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