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Tuesday, October 17, 2017
U.S. Drone Film Festival

Winners of the First Ever U.S. Drone Film Festival

The U.S. Drone Film Festival is a platform where cinematographers, builders, flyers, buyers, academia and interested individuals will have networking opportunities and have chance to hear the latest developments from industry...

Drone Film: “Miles Away”

I’ve had my drone for several months now and been gathering some footage for various projects in Scotland, but I’ve just finished my first drone film. It’s just a short fly...

Nominees for the First-Ever Drone Film Festival

When they’re not involved in booze-induced national security kerfuffles, drones can be pretty great for filming majestic aerial footage. This is something that the first annual New York City Drone Film Festival...

Featured News

London Gatwick drone near miss ‘put 130 lives at risk’

A drone which passed over the right wing of a large passenger jet near London Gatwick "put 130 lives at risk," a pilot has...