The Transition is a next generation VTOL unmanned aerial aircraft, developed from the ground up as an advanced fixed wing system with the ability to take-off and land vertically, anywhere. Vertical take-off and landing is now an essential part to operating small unmanned systems effectively.

The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

The ability to operate a fixed wing aircraft from confined areas is invaluable and a huge advantage over bulky traditional systems. Operating costs and staff requirements are reduced significantly allowing more flexibility and a broader mission scope. background57Multi-rotor and fixed wing, electric and fuel, the Transition is a double-hybrid aircraft built from the ground up as a VTOL. With a small footprint and no need whatsoever for launch or recovery equipment, it’s the future of small unmanned systems.

background36With no need for any take-off run, it’s a pure VTOL aircraft, able to vertically ascend to altitude, where it transitions into forward wing-bound flight for the duration of the mission. The ultra lightweight Carbon Kevlar fuselage is wind tunnel tested featuring an advanced aerodynamic design with dihedral, washout, winglets.

background55With lower operating costs and no expensive launch and recovery hardware as well as less staffing, the ALTI Transition also prices lower than any comparable system available. A powerful electric VTOL system allows the Transition to take-off and land in confined spaces.

background35Small size – Big performance

The wings and rear tailboom are removable, without the need for tools and reduce the size significantly for rapid deployment and transport.

Electric + Fuel

The Transition offers incredible fixed wing endurance with true VTOL capability as well as great hover times pending on the AUW, setup, payloads and environmental factors. Electric VTOL Endurance: Fuel Fixed Wing Endurance

Fly exactly what you need

With a large payload bay area, open to fit and mount a huge range of cameras, sensors and other equipment, the system offers amazing flexibility and does not limit the operator or mission scope. With advanced sensors becoming smaller and lighter, the need for heavy payload capacity is no longer a real concern.

Advanced composite materials

Wind tunnel tested, advanced aerodynamic design, dihedral, washout, winglets and more make the ALTI Transition a true game changer.

Our Carbon is sourced from top tier high-performance suppliers. Specialized weaves come from Germany (suppliers to Airbus and BMW), and GMS in Australia. Surfacing pre-pregs are sourced from Lavender Composites. Among their offerings is a variation of ACG’s “ZPREG®” range, as used by Ferrari.

Setup and fly in less than 5 minutes

A modular ‘rapid deploy’ airframe allows setup and flying within a few short minutes, again, no bulky and complex launch and recovery hardware is required.

The wings, rear stabilizer and tail booms are easily and quickly removed without any tools, and the entire system packs into a compact case, ready for transport.

Control, Data and Video

As the needs and requirements of our clients vary greatly, along with the wide range of uses, payloads and sensors, we offer custom built and designed ground control systems per order to suit.

From short range basic control systems to long range, vehicle mounted data telemetry, control, video link and payload control systems, as well as IP rated weatherproof hardware and flight cases.

Hardware + Software

With a split dual elevator the Transition offers redundant flight control. The airspeed sensor along with our sophisticated code allows for stall speed detection, where the multi-rotor will instantly take control if required, weather vaning for hover, take-off and landing into the wind. Remote engine cut-off, safety arming switch and many other advanced features.

Reliable Power

Operate with confidence, the Transition uses the best brushless motor technology available, with high performance carbon propellers and 80A motor controllers for smooth reliable thrust to get you airborne quickly and safely.

Smarter and brighter

Ultra bright navigation LED and strobe lights, as well as a landing light underneath the airframe, with the ability to remotely turn the lighting on or off, as well as enable the landing light.