Are you looking for a drone to help you take the best photos and videos? If ‘yes’ then you should consider buying aerial photography drones. You should be able to use them to take images which erstwhile could only be done from planes or helicopters.

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If you ask any photographer what the best drones with a camera are, you are likely to get varied responses. That’s because people appreciate drones with different features. Thus you have to look at the image systems, flight safety, transmission systems, portability, intelligent features, and ease of service.
The following are some of the things to consider when buying aerial photography drones:

Image Quality

The quality of images your drone is able to take largely depends on the sensors it is equipped with. It is, therefore, important that you buy a drone with the most powerful sensors. Some drones have 1-inch sensors that can accommodate up to 20-megapixel photographs. The larger the sensor, the easier it is for the best drones with a camera to take photographs in situations where there is low or no light at all.

Whether You Want 4K Videos

Drones have video resolutions ranging from the lowest quality HD to 4K. The video resolution will depend on the purpose for which you are doing the shooting. If you intend to share them on social media, then a 1080p video is good enough. For individuals who are after shooting cinematic videos for use on their vlogger accounts, then the 4K resolution is the best. After all, editing a 4K video is much easier than those with lower resolution.

Do You Need RAW/DNG Format?

This is for individuals who have to edit their videos using Photoshop or Lightroom.RAW/DNG photos are easier to edit, which is the reason why you might prefer drones that can shoot such photos. In this format, all the data captured on the camera sensor is captured. If you are shooting at night, the RAW/DNG format gives you the best results. You couldn’t have the best results from aerial photography any other way.

How Still Is The Drone?

To be able to get the best photographs, your drone should have the ability to hover above the ground in a stable way. After all, a shaky drone can greatly compromise the quality of the aerial photos taken. Drones that cannot hover will end up rising, falling or drifting, thus leading to blurry images. In most cases, stable drones are usually equipped with gimbals which give then better flight-control capabilities.

Does The Drone Have A Gimbal?

Every drone that’s meant for use in videography has in-built gimbals. Where the drone does not have gimbals installed, then you can have them installed, together with other key components.If you use a drone without gimbals, you can only hope for shaky videos. That’s why choosing a drone with a gimbal is very key. The best is any drone with a 3-axis gimbal for better 3 D videos.

Flight Time Doesn’t Matter

In most cases, aerial photography drones cannot fly for more than 30 minutes. Unfortunately, there appears to be no solution in sight given the fact that a flight time of 20 minutes or more is viewed as top-level. If you find a drone with a longer flight time, go for it. Only make sure that you carry one or two spare batteries to avoid running out of power.

Intelligent Features

One of the reasons why aerial photography drones are very expensive is the intelligent functions they come equipped with. It is these features that give the drone the ability to automatically track individuals, follow waypoints, and be used for taking selfies. One of the best features of aerial photography drones is the ability to turn at an angle of 90 degrees so that they can be used for vertical sitting.

Acquire a Popular Drone Brand

Just why should you buy a popular drone? Well, popular aerial photography drones are most likely to be the best when it comes to giving you the best photographs. If you were to find any fault with your drone, it will be easier for you to get solutions through interaction with other pilots on social media or other online forums. The same cannot be said about the drones which are yet to make greater market penetration.

As a vital tool when it comes to giving you the best photos and videos, the drone you choose should be able to give you the best service. Make sure you scour the market for a product with the best features but also which is available at the cheapest prices.