4 Industries Drones are Drastically Changing

The introduction of drones for commercial use has impacted many different industries for the better. When people heard the word “drone,” it was usually associated with the military; however, in more recent times, commercial industries across the board are adopting the innovative technology for their own benefit.

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In some industries, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are a solution to a cost-absorbent problem. They help automate a process to help make time-consuming tasks more efficient or make staff salaries leaner. However, drones might not be the right budget-saving initiative for every business, so carefully consider the pros and cons before deciding (if you need to cut costs, one simple and quick way is to make sure you’re not overpaying for services, like utilities. Use a business gas comparison website like Utility Bidder to compare prices and make an informed decision). There are many ways to reduce your outings.

In other sectors, drones have been implemented to speed up tedious tasks that would take a lot of time for a human to complete, as well as increase efficiencies where possible. There are even a few industries where the use of commercial drones has completely reinvented an old business.

  1. Photography

Media has been totally overhauled with the use of commercial UAVs, particularly photography and videography. Real estate photography, both residential and commercial, have been altered by the ease of photography from above, making it much simpler to get great shots for listings. Journalists can use drones in place of helicopters to get aerial footage for traffic, weather, and the latest news updates, which are much more affordable for smaller media outlets than a chopper. In the entertainment side, drones can get close shots of performers on stage or sports events, as they’re small and easy to maneuver into tight spots.

  1. Agriculture

Many farmers have embraced the use of drones in agriculture to help make some processes more efficient, as there are so many useful applications for UAVs. Instead of having to go out into the fields, map out the irrigation system, and check what the crop yield is, a drone could do that for you. Instead of checking plants for disease, a drone could track that for you and alert you to the failing plants, so you know early on how much inventory you have. Instead of chasing away animals eating your crops, or going out to herd your livestock, send in the drones.

  1. Public safety

It’s hard to imagine a more well-suited application for drones, since the technology in UAVs has both increased productivity and successes. Thermal cameras can be equipped, making it highly beneficial during search missions. Helicopters don’t need to be used as much to conduct a search when drones are available and much cheaper to operate. Tech experts are currently testing how drones can be used to deliver medical supplies as well, so look out in the sky relatively soon.

  1. Delivery

While you may not see drones delivering Amazon Prime packages in the very near future, tests are certainly underway. As of now, a UAV can carry up to 55 pounds, including the weight of the drone itself, but the idea of a drone bringing you packages is becoming more and more realistic, especially in remote locations that are difficult to access by road.