The ARM LED system is designed for lighting scenes from directly overhead. It is designed with efficiency in mind for maximum flight time.

The aluminum heat sinks take advantage of the drones prop wash for cooling, and resultingly are much smaller and lighter than they otherwise would beed to be. This also eliminated the need for cooling fans and extends the lifespan of the LED chips.

Our Aerial LED systems are designed to be mounted to drones. They allow dynamic and unique lighting angles and shadow movements that have been impossible until now

The ARM LED system is built for the Freefly Alta but can work on any drone with 25mm or 30mm diameter arms.

Instal eight ARM LED modules on an octocopter for 96,000 lumens of light or six on a hexacopter for 72,000 lumens.

The system requires a 32-45V DC power supply. We recommend three 3S LIPOs in series or a 9S LIPO. 5000 MAH is sufficient for a 12 minute flight.

LEDs can be switched on/off with a servo signal from either the drones receiver or a separate receiver.